Android Nougat Review Related To Screen Customization

Android NougatAndroid nougat is not the newest version of operating system. However, it is one of the newest and most reliable versions of Android that you can have. Developed from a year ago, there has been some upgrades, updates, fixes, and convenience that are offered for users. It is not a secret that people feel comfortable using this operating system version. Moreover, knowing the fact that there are also some fun facts behind this Nougat version, it makes the Nougat a viable option to upgrade. However, you may need to know the android nougat review which is related to screen customization to convince you more to upgrade.

Android Nougat Review for Screen Customization

As we all know, Android is great because of its customization possibilities. Customization is endless from the beginning even if you do not root your device. It goes beyond your capability to create a specific look that matches with different personalities because Android devices really can be tailored according to personal preference which is absolutely different from one to others. Android nougat review for screen customization will revolve around the possibilities of changing not only the wallpaper. The Nougat update now can edit the screensaver and lock screen as individual elements. That means you can have three different images or displays for those different elements.

The next thing that you can customize is notification screen. Now you can control the notification level based on its urgency. Take one example if you only want to get notification from emails as a priority. You can set it to 5, and the email notification will not go away. Alternatively, you also can reduce the notification priority of other application without problem. There are so many other customizations in the screen as long as your smartphone is running Nougat. That is all android nougat review about the screen customization.

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