What Is Baby German Cockroach?

What is baby German cockroach? This creature is a famous indoor cockroach that lives in many parts of our world. An adult German cockroach can be recognized easily by its light brown color.

Facts About Baby German Cockroach

The baby ones actually similar to the adult ones. They just in a smaller version and they don’t have wings. Learn more about it by scrolling down the post.

  1. Behavior

The baby German cockroach is able to live outdoors in a tropical area. But this species is most commonly found indoor such as your home. This creature tends to live in more humid and warmer areas so it can habit in your home. This cockroach can be found in bathroom or kitchen. But it can move to another area of your home if there are food and moisture.

  1. Access

German cockroach can go inside your home through the box, bag, or cardboard containers which are brought inside your home. Used appliances can also be its access. German cockroach can move easily between units in an apartment building. It will use pipes and shared plumbing.

  1. Diet

German cockroach can eat everything. Even they can eat books, toothpaste, and soap! Even the baby is known for its ability to capitalize any amount of food, even the smallest one. So, if you have any crumbs and you don’t clean it or you have dirty dishes in the sink, the cockroach can eat them.

  1. Reproduction

German cockroach can reproduce quickly. The female will produce 4 egg cases. Each case will contain 30 to 40 cockroach eggs. Depend on the condition, it can take about 60 to 200 days for the egg to grow into an adult. When a cockroach egg hatch, a baby German cockroach doesn’t have wings.

Remember, a single baby cockroach means that there is an adult one. You need to remove them immediately before the infestation becomes worse.

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