Blood Clotting Facts

Have you heard about what blood clotting is? Blood clotting itself is the condition when your blood flow is not normal in which there are blood clots which block the artery or vein. Of course, this condition should be wary since it can cause worse healthy problems when you ignore all the symptoms. Moreover one of the ways that you can do is by knowing many things about blood clotting like its facts.

Facts about Blood Clotting

Here there are several facts that relate to blood clotting you should know. What are they?

  1. Blood clots is a blood cell normal functions, but it comes to be a problem when it prevents the blood flowing in artery or vein. If it happens, indeed the patients should get the best treatment in order to prevent any worse condition caused by blood clotting.
  2. Blood clotting has some risk factors starting with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, family history, smoking up to diabetes. People who have got the diseases above will have a higher risk to get blood clotting actually.
  3. If the blood clotting happens in an artery of the heart, the condition of heart attack will be possible to occur too. That is why when someone gets blood clotting in heart they need to watch out many things in order to prevent a worse condition.
  4. The fatal condition caused by blood clotting is death especially when it occurs in a fatal organ like heart or brain. The blocked vessels may burst and it deals with a heart attack, stroke or other bad condition.
  5. Signs and also the symptoms of blood clotting will be different from one person to another. The reason is that of those depend on the location of blood clotting like it is in the vein or artery.

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