Canned Sardine For Your Delicious Meals

Canned sardine is one of the most popular canned fish in the world. Many people love to eat this fish because this fish belongs to the delicious and nutritious fish in the world. You will not regret to eat this kind of fish since it will give the good supply of your body. Besides that, you also can find many menus that will make you will not be bored about the menu from sardines. You can also prepare your own menu of sardine or look for more information about it.

Canned Sardine As Simple And Delicious Meal

When you really need the inspiration to cook the canned sardine, crispy sardines with lemon & mint will be a delicious menu for you. Even though from the name it sounds a little bit difficult, you do not need to worry about it, since the process is quite simple for you to follow. However, before you start to cook, it would be better to learn about the ingredients that you need for your cooking. Of course, you need the sardines will can packaging that will help you easier in cooking the menu. Besides that, you also will need some other ingredients which are the crispy flour and lemon.

Of course, after you prepare for the ingredients, you also have to prepare and follow the steps. You have to make the crispy sardines first by putting the sardines that you take from the can into the flour, and then, you have to put it into the hot seasoning oil to let the sardine becomes crispy. Then, you also have to make sure to serve it with the lemon wedges and make sure to use the mint-marinated sardine in your cooking. After following the steps, put your sardine on the plate and put some garnish too. It will turn out beautiful. For more information about it, you can visit

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