How To Create Printable Employment Forms In Fast

Are you in hurry but need printable job employment forms? Don’t worry, everything is possible even for your printable forms. Only with Microsoft Word, your form will be done only in 5 minutes.

Is It Possible To Create Printable Forms In 5 Minutes?

Previously, you need to stay for half hour to create printable job employment forms. It must take too much time. Is there any short solution to create this form? Yes, you can even create your printable form only for 5 minutes with Microsoft Word. You need to activate the Developer tab first, then you can insert some of the tools in fast for your forms.

If you have not a Developer tab on your toolbar, so you need to activate the tab first. Just click File then choose Options, so the Word Option bar will be shown. After that, just focus on ribbon list which is on the left side. You have to find “Developer”, then checklist it. After clicking OK, the Developer tab will appear on your toolbar. So, you are ready to create your printable forms in 5 minutes.

As the basic information, there are some tools that can be chosen for your printable job employment forms. If you only need to insert a text, so you can choose Plain Text Content or Rich Text Content with icon “Aa” on the Developer tab. On the other hand, you can even choose date option for your form by choosing Date Picking Content which is on the left side of Properties. Moreover, there are also Check Box and Drop-Down List Content which let your applicant easy to fill the form based on the options. If you need to edit the words, so you can click the box that you want to edit and choose Design Mode and Properties for more options.


Indonesia Seaweed Farming

Indonesia seaweed farming is ready to help many people producing and supplying many types of seaweed products. Even the products are also available in raw material condition. You want the seaweed to be shipped to other countries? Don’t worry, our service is ready to send the products even if you are in the Arctic! Our country, Indonesia, belongs to the top list in seaweed farming. There are also other Asia countries that made the list such as Philippine and Thailand, but ours is the best! Why? Because Indonesia is located in an area where the weather and maritime condition suitable for seaweed to produce. Those two factors are the reasons why producing seaweed in Indonesia always a success.

Indonesia Seaweed Farming Condition

If you are curious about Indonesia seaweed farming condition, you need to read this post until the end. Indonesia is located in the long coastal area. This country also has calm weather and tropical water. This combination is the perfect condition for farms and grows seaweed. This is also a reason why we can find seaweed farming and supplier in Indonesia easily. Indonesia has a huge supply of seaweed. They also ship many seaweed products to many countries each year.

Seaweed farming in Indonesia has high demand not only from domestic market but also international market too! Besides sardine, shrimp, tuna, and salmon, seaweed is also very important in export activity. Seaweed plays a huge role in seafood commodities. The farm can produce hundred tons of seaweed every year. And this number is always increasing each year. Indonesia seaweed farming has several types of seaweed that the manufacturer farmed such as green algae, red algae, brown algae, as well as blue algae. With various types of seaweed, no wonder why Indonesia always on the top when it comes to seaweed farming.


Finding The Best Carrageenan For Soap Business

The body washes business is something you can choose for improving your profit. Indeed, the business for personal care product is getting better each day. When you are looking for the best solution, this might be your answer. In this case, there are so many people who want to get the best natural product. So, this is your chance to get the business opportunity. With the natural product trends in the world, now people are looking for something unique in the process. There are so many things that will be improved. Indeed, it will help you to gain more money. But, how do you get the product to be of the best quality? Choosing carrageenan suppliers can be your answer.

Tips For Improving Your Body Wash Business

When you choose a body wash for your business, you can find many aspects to consider. Here we will provide some things to note for the indie body wash business owners:

  1. Choose natural ingredients. The extracts of fruits and flowers will bring not only natural touch but also freshness for your products.
  2. Work alongside with local farmer, as so many customers are looking for a company which has their best chance of selling the product when they have an image in supporting local farmers, you can take this chance to work with locals.
  3. Cut the expense. You can cut the expense by adding some harmless materials like the carrageenan for the products. Getting the carrageenan is easy, as you can get them from carrageenan suppliers. The material will not degrade the quality of your product. The texture will still be the same but you will get more product.

Indeed, carrageenan can be your best solution when you want to cut expense for purchasing the ingredients of your body wash product. In this case, you can choose the best carrageenan suppliers to supply the need.


Supplier Seaweed From Indonesia

Seaweed is good for health yet tasty and popular in several Asian countries. It can be the soup, sushi, snacks or drinks. Indonesia seaweed suppliers know how this seaweed is needed by many people in different countries. Therefore, they made the seaweed to be dried or become powder as the people need. Well, if you need a lot of seaweed; you can use this factory of seaweed from Indonesia, then. Is this seaweed from Indonesia good?

Know Why You Need Supplier Of Seaweed From Indonesia

Do you know about Indonesia, right? Tropical countries with many islands and ocean area. Then, you do not wonder anymore why they have a factory of seaweed. How good is the factory and how good are they as the suppliers? Well, you have to see the good things about the becomes and supplier here:

  1. The factory used the modern machine and professional workers to create the products of dried seaweed or other products of seafood such as shrimp, tuna, and catfish.
  2. They have a professional team to help any customer who needs help regarding the services or offer.
  3. You can find many good services for customers.

Indonesia seaweed suppliers surely know what the customers and clients need. They surely will give you the best premium products of seaweed. You just need to consult about the offer and the price of the products with the professional team in the factory or suppliers. They have 24 hours’ services. So, do not worry if you are far away from Indonesia and have a different time. You can still contact the supplier even though in Indonesia is the time to sleep meanwhile it is a nice day in your place. Ok, you may click Indonesia seaweed suppliers to contact them or just find out more about the suppliers such as the services, the ways of work with clients and so on.


Indonesia Giant Tiger Prawn

Giant tiger prawn is the species that belongs to the family of crustacean, an animal with a hard chitinous shell. There are many kinds of this tiger prawn, like Indonesia giant tiger shrimp, black tiger prawn, freshwater tiger prawn, and many more. This tiger prawn is really popular on the market, and widely consumed and cultivated around the world. This prawn is second to mostly consumed shrimp on the world, second only to white-legged shrimp. This giant tiger prawn is widely cultivated and farmed in a warmer country, especially in south-east Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and many more. The technique to cultivate this little shrimp is already known for generations, and now, there are countless of shrimp farm that cultivates this tiger shrimp, for the purpose of consumption. This tiger shrimp also get a lot of demand, and now the market value for this shrimp is really rising high.

Appearances, Weight, And The Market Value For Indonesia Giant Tiger Shrimp

The giant tiger shrimp had quite a large body for a crustacean. The size of female tiger shrimp can reach for up to 30 cm long, while for the male one, can reach at least 25 cm, slightly smaller than the female. The average weight for Indonesia giant tiger shrimp could reach for 170 gr or 6.0 oz. As for the appearances, the appearance of tiger shrimp can quite different. One had a black strip, one had a red stripe, and one had grey scales. The tiger shrimp commonly inhabit the offshore of Indopacific ocean, and this shrimp can also be found in Australia offshore, and the Gulf of Mexico.

The market value of this shrimp is pretty high. Due to the increasing demand, every year, now there are more than a million tons of giant tiger shrimp cultivated and consumed. Approximately, the money earned from all of these stocks on giant tiger shrimp is at least 350,000 million of dollars, well it sure is something. Want more info about this shrimp? then visit us in


Companies Engaged In Shrimp Suppliers

Indonesia is a developing country is always trying to be able to develop all the potential it has. One of the biggest potential of Indonesia besides agriculture is from fisheries. Where now has been established various corporate buildings engaged in the fisheries and marine sector. Companies engaged in the fishery sector most they other than emphasized in the cultivation, they are also more stressed to be agent’s suppliers or suppliers of marine products or fisheries. One of them is shrimp. Here are some companies as a supplier of shrimp and other marine products.

Vanda Seafood And Ryori As Shrimp Suppliers

The first company is vanda seafood, which is a vanda food supplier company that meets the needs of seafood for large-scale industry, small, and the price safranin compete with prices in other companies. This company is also ready to serve delivery throughout Indonesia. Office of this seafood vanda addressed on the street Jelambar Madya west 9 plots police block A 15 number 355 Jelambar, Grogol, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. Where is the product of seafood provided by this vanda company such as salmon? Frozen fish, shrimp, squid, crab, octopus and many more.

The second company after vanda seafood is CV Ryori Indonesia, which is the director by Saifuddin, where this company has owned approximately 10 employees. CV. is addressed on the road of plow II H alley palm oil number 9, terrain, North Sumatera. To be able to contact this company can go directly to the phone at (62-61) 7851425, where the business category is agro-industry, commodity index sold is sea product, which commodities such as shrimp, anchovy, fish, with the price range that is fluctuating. His FOB in the field? The business type is a manufacturer and also supplier. Packaging using plastic. That’s some interesting info about shrimp company in Indonesia. As explained in detail on the website of may be useful!


Shrimp Prawn Suppliers

While building up the new business, you need to prepare anything related to it. If your business is using the shrimp as its main ingredients, you just have to find out the freshwater shrimp prawn suppliers for it. You need to make sure that you get the trusted suppliers one to help you supply the shrimp requirement in the best way.

Buy The Shrimp From Suppliers

There are many reasons if you need the shrimp in large numbers and you should buy them from the freshwater shrimp prawn suppliers. The main reason you should buy it from the supplier is you can get more profits if you buy from them. Why?

  1. You can get a more affordable price for the shrimp you need. If you buy it in the large numbers, you can get a cheaper price for it. You just have to know that if you buy the shrimp products directly from the supplier itself, you can get a more adjustable price based on the quantity that you buy from them. The bigger your order is the cheaper you can get.
  2. You also should not feel so worried about the quantity of the shrimp product that you need. No matter how many products you need, you can get it on your hand. They will provide a large quantity for the buyer.
  3. Besides the shrimp product that you need, you also can see many other products which you can buy too. You can see various products that they offer to you.

Thus, if you want to buy the shrimp product in large number, you need to find the trusted freshwater shrimp prawn suppliers to help you fulfilling the shrimp requirement for your business. You also can gain more profits from it by providing the affordable price for your business requirements.


Kappa Carrageenan For Jelly

If you are a fan of jelly, you must love the bouncy texture in your tongue. Besides, it is also soft on your tongue and will give you freshness. If you are really a lover of jelly, then you must know the ingredients which are used for producing the product you love. It is the carrageenan which is extracted from red algae which will be used for making jellies. Although this is one of the most common foods which is available in the world, you should also know some facts about the kappa carrageenan manufacturers.

Seeing The Facts About Kappa Carrageenan

There are actually so many types of carrageenan in the world. But, the most popular and the softest is the kappa carrageenan. There is also some other carrageenan like lambda carrageenan which is also used for making jelly powder. The carrageenan has been used for a long time to make a particular jelly and other food. In this case, for the jellies, the carrageenan is used as the powder. It has the main function to thicken, creating gel form and also stabilize your solution. This means the product from kappa carrageenan manufacturers can be used for many industries.

The kappa carrageenan is not only used in jelly factories. Although it has different substances, the lambda carrageenan is also used for making the jelly. In this case, ice cream factory also uses kappa or lambda carrageenan for its product. The use of carrageenan will ensure the product to be easier to stabilize. This is also a solution for everyone who is looking for something great for their need. In this case, the price of carrageenan is affordable and cheap, which means you can suppress the production expense without losing any qualities and quantities by using the product from kappa carrageenan manufacturers.


Tips For Getting Credible Milkfish Supplier

Are you looking for the most credible milk fish suppliers? If you run a restaurant that needs more supply for milkfish in big amount, so you have to look for the best milkfish supplier seriously. Actually, there are a lot of suppliers or factories that will supply your need. However, there is only one best of the best which is perfect to supply your need. To choose the best one, you have to take some considerations.

What You Should Do When Looking For Milkfish Supplier

There are some considerations that must be noted when you are looking for the most credible milk fish suppliers. For basic step, you have to look suppliers as much as you can then you can compare them all. For choosing the best supplier, you have to find a supplier which is trustworthy, reputable, and dependable. Since it will affect your business, you have to make sure you choose the best one. You can search testimonies and advice from others for each supplier which have big possibility to fulfill your need. Then, you can ask for the location of the supplier. If you choose a supplier which is far from your restaurant, so it will have more time and cost consuming. Moreover, you can also check the condition of that factory whether they have hygiene process or not.

After that, you have to take a sample for each supplier that you found. You can check each product from each supplier by yourself. Analyze it well in order to check the quality. Next, don’t forget to consider the cost. You have to calculate the price of the product and delivering cost. Make sure that you get the right cost. For the best recommendation, you can take as one of the best candidates for supplying the needs of your restaurant.


Easy Cooking For Sauté Shrimp

Have you decided what will you eat today? For the best recommendation, you can try to cook a delicious sauté shrimp. It is easy and fats to cook. You can choose the white shrimp from the market or white shrimp supplier. Choose the healthy shrimps so there will be no damaged nutrients. For better quality, you have to choose unpeeled shrimps. The shrimp which are peeled before freezing will lose more weight and damage is nutrients.

What To Prepare For Cooking Sauté Shrimp?

There are some ingredients that must be prepared for cooking a delicious sauté shrimp. Make sure that you prepare all of them to get a better taste. Here are the ingredients of sautéing shrimp:

  • Shrimps
  • Olive Oil
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Water

What To Do For Cooking Sauté Shrimp

For the white shrimps, you can choose the frozen or fresh one. You can easily find both of them in the market or white shrimp supplier. If you choose the frozen shrimp, so you have to thaw it before that. Meanwhile, you can do next steps to cook it. Here are some steps that can be followed:

  1. Rinse the shrimp well then peel the shells off. However, you can also leave the shells if you prefer to cook it with shells
  2. Preheat your skillet over medium heat, then add 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  3. In right heat level, you can place all the shrimps in the skillet. Make sure that all of them will not overlap each other
  4. Cook it for 2 to 3 minutes for each side, you can serve it when it went pinkish

As mentioned before, make sure that you buy the unpeeled shrimp so there will be no damaged nutrients. For more information about white shrimp and another type of shrimp, you can visit


Step By Step Processing Catfish

Although it looks easy, often the catfish that we fried by ourselves are less satisfying. It is probably the stomach is still soft or the aroma is rancid. Therefore, you may try to follow these steps. Frying fresh catfish is not the same as treating smoked dried catfish. Before frying catfish, make sure the catfish is clean properly, no blood left and really have been drained. Next, you can follow these steps.

The Proper Way In Processing Catfish

Processing fresh catfish is different from treating smoked catfish or fried catfish. This is because the smoked dried catfish has gone through various processes, so you just use it as a basic ingredient of cooking. There are several ways to process fresh catfish.

  1. Slashing the catfish

In order to spice up well, you need to cut both sides of the catfish. Do not be too deep because the catfish will taste dry and hard on the inside.

  1. Seasoning

You need to prepare spices for catfish. This seasoning can be customized to your taste. The most basic is the salt and lime so that the fishy smell in the catfish can be lost. Spread the catfish with seasoning until blended. Let stand for at least 30 minutes for the spices to sink in

  1. Deep Fried

Heat cooking oil in a frying pan. The amount of oil should be enough to soak the catfish. Heat over medium heat until quite hot. Put the marinade catfish into the pan and make sure the catfish is submerged in the seasoning. Let the entire body of the catfish to dry, including its head, then lift and drain. Because the entire catfish body submerged in oil so it is no need to be turned back and forth. Serve the catfish while warm to taste crunchier.

That’s how to process fresh catfish which is different from treating smoked dried catfish.


How To Start Your Fish Business?

Starting a business is a must in modern life. For the millennial generations, being productive and not depending on a particular thing is important. In this case, running a culinary business is recommended and also a trend among the millennial generation. The unique culinary products are sold and also distributed in many markets, using modern technology and using something that is anti-mainstream for the business. In this case, if you want to run a fish business, you should choose the catfish supplier that is perfect for your new business.

Easy Fish Business Ideas For Newbies

For you who just want to start your business in the fish culinary products, you can choose this as there are so many benefits of using the fish for your business. When you get the fish from the catfish supplier, you will find that it is a wise decision to choose catfish over another fish type. The first reason is that you will find the catfish at the affordable price. This fish is also bred in large number, which means you will not find something difficult when you choose them for you. In some cases, the catfish is also a great choice for everyone who wants to start the business.

The catfish is also a perfect choice because you can find lots of suppliers in the city. You will find lots of competing for the price for your need. There are also so many things that will be your benefits. In case of choosing the fishes, you will be able in finding the best one for your business by working with the trusted supplier. The price will be lower and if you can be a loyal customer you can get many benefits from your cooperation. So, make sure you get them for your business with best catfish supplier.


Export Quantity Froze Shrimp Indonesia

Fishery export is one of the ways that the state can get profit. Selling fishery products from various islands in Indonesia makes the country has a lot of income from the fishery sector. One of them from frozen shrimp Indonesia. These suppliers export the frozen shrimp products abroad or to various regions in large numbers. The quantity of export of frozen shrimp has increased so that the production of frozen shrimp is also higher. But not only for export to other countries, suppliers also provide a stock of frozen shrimp to be traded to the public. Marketing can be either direct transaction or transaction through online via internet. More marketing, effective and faster.

Export Competitiveness Of Frozen Shrimp Indonesia

When compared with other countries, Indonesia is a country that has great sea wealth and the number of many. Viewed from the potential of nature also Indonesia has a great opportunity as an exporter of the largest frozen shrimp. Frozen shrimp Indonesia is an official supplier and play an important role in export and import process of frozen shrimp. The largest shrimp dealer in Indonesia and gets a lot of benefits from its marketing process. The export competitiveness of these suppliers is so high that it can compete with other suppliers. In other words, it can be concluded that the export of frozen shrimp is increased because the quality of shrimp Indonesia is good.

Frozen shrimp as a supplier of frozen shrimp competing with other countries in export shrimp. but the advantages of frozen shrimp offered here is the quality of shrimp that has a variety of sizes. Because Indonesia has a vast sea so that various types of shrimp available there and can be used as a product frozen shrimp more various kinds. Therefore, the marketing of frozen shrimp will produce more good to be disseminated to the public in the country and abroad. You can find it all about information by visiting the site on


Best Online Catfish Supplier In Town

Tasty, affordable, and available everywhere are the correct words for the catfish. If you run the food business or the owner of some grocery store, you might as well need catfish supply to avoid being out of stock. Don’t worry though, the number of catfish supplier in our country is endless. You can even get your order online. Online shopping catfish? Why not! You can get your order as you wish to us. To know about the detail, please check the paragraph below.

Grab Your Order Fast With Us!

Before you jump to the conclusion that there is no such a thing called a catfish online shopping, you should read this until the end. Yes, we are the catfish supplier which allow our client to order online. We offer any type of catfish products to fulfill our client demands. Usually, people who own an online grocery story are the ones who order their stock with us. As we all know that online shopping means you don’t get to see the real products until we receive them, but don’t worry, we exactly know what to do with your order. We have our own ponds to farm the catfish and we grow them based on the right procedural.

Start with the eggs, we store the catfish eggs inside a special place until the sac fry comes out. When they grow to be the fingerling, we move them to a bigger place to allow them to grow further. Once they turn into catfish and ready to harvest, then they will be moved to our factory to be completely cleaned. After cleaning, they will be in a cutting process. We will cut the catfish based on the order. Everything is ready to be packed at this stage and we will deliver your products immediately. Go grab your order fast with us, the best online catfish supplier in town!


Reasons To Buy The Milkfish Frozen

Buy the fresh or frozen one? There are many people who think that if buying the frozen one, it means you can’t get the fresh fish one. Well, you should throw away those kinds of thoughts because even if you buy the Milkfish frozen one, you still have a chance to get the same fish as the fresh one.

The Reasons Are

There are some reasons why you buy the Milkfish frozen and you should know them well. To make sure you have no doubt to buy the frozen one. The reasons are:

  1. Even though you buy the frozen fish one, you still have a chance to get the same nutrients, vitamins, moisture, and taste like the fresh one. Why? They directly freeze them after they caught them. The differences of buying the frozen and the fresh one is only in the fish condition. If you buy the fresh one, it is still juicy and fresh but if you buy the frozen, you can get the frozen and not juicy one but overall you get the same moisture, nutrients, vitamins, and taste. You still get a chance to cook the delicious Milkfish dish like the fresh one even if you cook the frozen one.
  2. You also can get the competitive price if you buy the frozen one. You are free to buy the small or large numbers and you can get the best deal for it.
  3. If you buy them in large numbers, you should not worry whether they can get spoiled or not as long as you store it in a freezer.

Those are the reasons why you should not worry to buy the frozen fish one. If you want to buy them, you can trust our website which can provide you a high quality of frozen Milkfish one.