What Causes Earthquakes, How Earthquakes Happen?

what causes earthquakesEarthquakes are a terrible natural disaster that happens a lot on the coastline of Pacific and Atlantic. What causes earthquakes? and how earthquakes happen? Firstly, there are two types of earthquakes. The tectonic earthquakes, and volcanic earthquakes. These two earthquakes are divided depending on what causing it, so there are two reasons why earthquakes happen. Basically, earthquakes happen because of the tectonic shift and breaking in the earth plates. As for the volcanic earthquakes, it is caused by volcano activity. If the volcanic earthquakes happen, it is the sign that the volcano will soon erupt. Besides than these two natural reasons behind earthquakes, human faults can also create minor earthquakes like excessive mining. We will tell you the details about how earthquakes happen and what causing this natural disaster bellows.

What Causes Earthquakes And Why It Happens A Lot In The Coastline Of Pacific And Atlantic?

Firstly, tectonic earthquakes are the most common earthquakes, so people are basically calling it just earthquakes. What causes earthquakes? Just as mentioned before, the earthquakes happen because of the tectonic shift. For those who don’t know, a tectonic shift is the sudden movements of the earth plates that creating a break and releasing a seismic wave. The seismic wave will cause the surface to tremble and ground shaking. Mostly, the wave is small and we don’t feel any earthquakes. But there are also bigger waves that cause massive earthquakes that can tear down the whole city. So, basically, tectonic earthquakes are caused by the movements of earth plates beneath us, the earth plates are colliding and break, sending a massive seismic wave that causes ground to tremble.

As for the volcanic earthquakes, it mostly caused by the volcanic activity. But for some reasons, the tectonic plate can also take part in the volcanic earthquakes. When the tectonic plates hit the base of the volcano, it will break the plate. And again, breaking the plate will send a seismic wave, and so on. Volcanic earthquakes are a sign that the volcano will soon erupt. Are you curious on more info about what causes earthquakes? then visit our website.

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