Companies Engaged In Shrimp Suppliers

Indonesia is a developing country is always trying to be able to develop all the potential it has. One of the biggest potential of Indonesia besides agriculture is from fisheries. Where now has been established various corporate buildings engaged in the fisheries and marine sector. Companies engaged in the fishery sector most they other than emphasized in the cultivation, they are also more stressed to be agent’s suppliers or suppliers of marine products or fisheries. One of them is shrimp. Here are some companies as a supplier of shrimp and other marine products.

Vanda Seafood And Ryori As Shrimp Suppliers

The first company is vanda seafood, which is a vanda food supplier company that meets the needs of seafood for large-scale industry, small, and the price safranin compete with prices in other companies. This company is also ready to serve delivery throughout Indonesia. Office of this seafood vanda addressed on the street Jelambar Madya west 9 plots police block A 15 number 355 Jelambar, Grogol, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. Where is the product of seafood provided by this vanda company such as salmon? Frozen fish, shrimp, squid, crab, octopus and many more.

The second company after vanda seafood is CV Ryori Indonesia, which is the director by Saifuddin, where this company has owned approximately 10 employees. CV. is addressed on the road of plow II H alley palm oil number 9, terrain, North Sumatera. To be able to contact this company can go directly to the phone at (62-61) 7851425, where the business category is agro-industry, commodity index sold is sea product, which commodities such as shrimp, anchovy, fish, with the price range that is fluctuating. His FOB in the field? The business type is a manufacturer and also supplier. Packaging using plastic. That’s some interesting info about shrimp company in Indonesia. As explained in detail on the website of may be useful!

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