The Correct Gabapentin Dosage

gabapentin usesEvery medicine also has the different dosage that you can consume to get the benefit and the function of the medicine for your health. In this article, you should know about the Gabapentin Dosage that will help you to know what kind of dosage that you can apply to the people that get the diseases that you can heal it with this Gabapentin. So, how much dosage that you can apply for the people who need this medicine? Let’s check this article more when you want to know more explanation about that, guys!

The Gabapentin Dosage For You

There are many kinds of diseases that you can heal with this Gabapentin because this medicine can solve and prevent the convulsions because of some diseases like Epilepsy, herpes zoster, restless legs syndrome, neuropathy hurt and etc. Besides that, you can divide the dosage of Gabapentin by two kids, for adults, and for a kid. For the adult, when you consume this medicine, you should know the diseases that you have because the different condition and diseases also need the different Gabapentin dosage for you. when you get epilepsy, you need to consume about 300 mg for the first day, 300 mg twice a day by oral on the second day, and 300 mg three times a day for the third day. You can add 300 mg until you can control your epilepsy. You only can consume maximum 4800 mg per day, and don’t consume more than this dosage.

For you with herpes zoster, you can consume about 600 mg in the morning on the 3 first day, after that you also can increase the dosage to 600 mg twice per day. For you who have the restless legs syndrome, you can consume 600 mg by oral once a day with combining and mix with meals about 5 p.m. For a kid, you need to consult with the doctor specialist for consuming this Gabapentin Dosage. That’s all about the dosage that you can apply to consume Gabapentin, thank you for reading this article.

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