How To Create Printable Employment Forms In Fast

Are you in hurry but need printable job employment forms? Don’t worry, everything is possible even for your printable forms. Only with Microsoft Word, your form will be done only in 5 minutes.

Is It Possible To Create Printable Forms In 5 Minutes?

Previously, you need to stay for half hour to create printable job employment forms. It must take too much time. Is there any short solution to create this form? Yes, you can even create your printable form only for 5 minutes with Microsoft Word. You need to activate the Developer tab first, then you can insert some of the tools in fast for your forms.

If you have not a Developer tab on your toolbar, so you need to activate the tab first. Just click File then choose Options, so the Word Option bar will be shown. After that, just focus on ribbon list which is on the left side. You have to find “Developer”, then checklist it. After clicking OK, the Developer tab will appear on your toolbar. So, you are ready to create your printable forms in 5 minutes.

As the basic information, there are some tools that can be chosen for your printable job employment forms. If you only need to insert a text, so you can choose Plain Text Content or Rich Text Content with icon “Aa” on the Developer tab. On the other hand, you can even choose date option for your form by choosing Date Picking Content which is on the left side of Properties. Moreover, there are also Check Box and Drop-Down List Content which let your applicant easy to fill the form based on the options. If you need to edit the words, so you can click the box that you want to edit and choose Design Mode and Properties for more options.

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