Early Labor Guide For Pregnant Women

Prodromal Labor Guide

What is prodromal labor? Prodromal labor or sometimes called as false contractions, false labor, and early labor is painful feeling caused by the contracting womb during the late week of pregnancy. However, even it happens in the last week of pregnancy, prodromal labor won’t have ended up in cervix dilation nor birth. It will come up each day on your last week of pregnancy, painful for a few minutes, and then for a few minutes, it will stop. Prodromal labor comes often during night time, and it can be quite hectic and panic if this is your first time. Prodromal labor can be caused by many things from anxiety, stress, and also baby’s position. However, there are many people that falsely understandings the prodromal labor as real labor, and eventually ended up in the hospital for nothing. Well, here are some tips to understand prodromal labor, and how to differentiate it with real labor.

How To Differentiate Early Labor Or Prodromal Labor With Real Labor?

There are actually huge differences between prodromal labor or early labor with real labor. Firstly, if you are having prodromal labor, you will feel pain only in your lower abdomen, while for the real labor, you will feel pain in any part of your body, like abdomen, back, and right leg too. Prodromal labor pain is constant, which means the pain won’t intensify, and eventually will disappear after few minutes while for the real labor, you will feel intense pain, that worsen every minute.

If you are having real labor, there is nothing you can do to ease the pain, relieve the pain, and eventually, you need to rush to the hospital. As for the prodromal labor, you can drink water, taking a little walk, and also sit back and relax to help relieve the pain from it. Well, if you want to know more about prodromal labor, how to relieve it easily, and also important facts you might need to know, just visit us in

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