Why Are Exercises Important For Health?

Health tipsWhat is exercise? Exercise is a kind of activity that intended to tire your body and make your muscle weary. By doing routine exercise, our muscle will be trained to be used and tired. Exercise is also a way to train our muscle to be better and stronger. There are many kinds of exercise, from a mild exercise like jogging or cycling and intense exercises like weight lifting and body building.  Exercise is one of the most important things you need to do if you want to be healthy undoubtedly. How can exercise make us healthier? Why do we need to do exercise? There are many reasons why exercise can be healthy, and why we need to do exercise occasionally.

Why Do We Need To Do Exercise To Make Us Healthier And Stronger?

Firstly, exercise is a way to train up your muscle. By doing exercise, your muscle will be tired and weary. After exercise, some of your muscle will be broken and cause some pains. This is why, on your first exercise, you will feel pain in your certain part of the body. Although this pain may seem hurtful and useless, the pain itself is the sign, that your muscle is growing and regenerating. Your muscle will regenerate itself, once it was broken, and it will become much stronger and better than before. This way, by doing an intense exercise like weight lifting and body building, you can train up your muscle to be stronger and better. A stronger muscle is always better than weak and frail muscle.

By doing exercise, our body will release dopamine, a hormone that will cause happiness and enjoyment. This hormone can increase your moods and brighten up your days, so by doing exercise, it can increase your moods and your spirits. In additions, by doing exercise, we will release sweat, inside our sweats, there are several toxic and unwanted materials that need to dump out of our body. By doing exercise, we will cleanse our body from toxic by sweating. That’s incredible benefits from exercise, and that’s enough to answer why exercises are important for health.

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