What Find In Capital Of Indonesia?

IndonesiaDo you know what the capital of Indonesia is? For sure, the answer is not Bali. Bali is known as the beautiful place in Indonesia, and many tourists that have ever come to Indonesia recommend this place. Bali looks like Maldives or you can say that Bali is a little Maldives island that is known as a heaven places in the world. Therefore, the capital city of Indonesia is called Jakarta. Jakarta is far from Bali too.

Choose Capital Of Indonesia Rather Than Bali

If you come to Bali from your country, you can go to this place by plane. Bali is located in Bali Island where the exact location of Bali is near Java Island and not far from Australia. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta; it is located in Java Island. The exact location of Jakarta, Jakarta is near west java and central Java. If you want to go to Indonesia and come to Bali, you can make a transit in Jakarta then your plane will fly to Bali Island.

Jakarta is a metropolitan city or you can say it is a crowded place in Indonesia. To go to Jakarta, you can use a plane or by ship when you go to Indonesia by making a transit from Bali first. Whatever the transportation that you choose to come to Jakarta, as the capital city in Indonesia, it will make you have the great experience, when you come to this place. Jakarta also has many destination places like Ancol and Dufan. You can come to Taman safari to see the zoo when in Jakarta. TMII is also a good place to be visited in Bali as well as Ancol beach if you want to see sunset or sunrise from Ancol. If you go to Indonesia, do not forget to go to the capital of Indonesia to make you can have more experience not only Bali as your very first destination place.

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