Ford Car Reviews, Ford Ranger Raptor

ford car reviewsNow on our site, we will tell you about the future car from Ford. This will be Ford car reviews about future Ranger pickup model car. In late 2018, Ford, the famous American Multinational car company is planning to release the new pickup model for Ford Ranger Raptor. This model will be 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor, A brand new and redesign from older Ford Ranger pickup. With much more improvements such as off-road tires, wide fenders, camouflage, higher car chin and much more. Will this improvement make Ranger pickup become favorite? The prototype testing for Ford Ranger raptor is already done, and there are also several spy leakage pictures of Ford Ranger raptor. Now, we will tell you about the Ford Ranger Raptor specs, performances, release date, and also the prices.

Ford Car Reviews, The Spy Leakage Of 2018 Ford Ranger Raptor

The Ford car reviews about 2019 Ford ranger raptor, future pickup ranger model from Ford. Although there isn’t much information about engines and specs because this car is still running its prototype test, there is rumors and leakage about what the engines will ford use in this car, and about the performances of this car. Judging from the design and model, this car will be super SUV car that can be used both off-road and on road. So, this car will need a bigger horse power, at least 325 horse power, with twin turbocharged as well as 2.7L Eco Boost should be enough muscle for this car.

This car will be designed for off-road and rock crawler, so it will need 4-cylinder diesel engines. The specs and performances can be changed, due to this car is still a prototype and not yet produced. This car planned to be released in late 2018, and the estimated price for this car is around $40.000 for standard factory specs and $45.000 for upgraded specs and performances. That’s it the Ford car reviews for 2019 Ford ranger raptor.

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