Get To Know Better With AB Type

AB type is one of the blood groups that some people have in the world. Groupe sanguin AB is called as the rarest blood type that exists. For this blood type, you might know that the red blood of AB contains both the A and B antigens. This blood type is also popular as Universal Receiver as people with this blood type can receive a red blood transfusion from people with different type of blood. However, they only can give the blood to people with the same blood type. Then, what are the other things that you have to know about AB blood type?

Some Facts About AB Type

As already stated before, people with groupe sanguin AB will have both antigens A and B in their blood. However, they might have a different factor in Rh, which make them divided into two different type of AB. Those two types of AB will be explained in the following list:

  • AB Positive

AB Positive or AB+ is AB type which has the Rh+ factors. This blood type is also considered as rare. It is only 1:29 ratio in the world.

  • AB Negative

AB- has the Rh- factor in it, and it is even rarer than the AB+ type. The ratio is about 1:167. So, it is the rarest one.

As AB type is considered as rare blood type, sometimes, it is dangerous when there is accident happen to people with this blood type, since it might be difficult to find the transfusion for them. Especially, when it is AB-, it will be far more difficult to find the transfusion and the doctor has to make sure that they can find the transfusion or it will be dangerous for the patients. That is all the information for you about groupe sanguin AB. Find more facts about this blood type!

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