Indonesia Giant Tiger Prawn

Giant tiger prawn is the species that belongs to the family of crustacean, an animal with a hard chitinous shell. There are many kinds of this tiger prawn, like Indonesia giant tiger shrimp, black tiger prawn, freshwater tiger prawn, and many more. This tiger prawn is really popular on the market, and widely consumed and cultivated around the world. This prawn is second to mostly consumed shrimp on the world, second only to white-legged shrimp. This giant tiger prawn is widely cultivated and farmed in a warmer country, especially in south-east Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and many more. The technique to cultivate this little shrimp is already known for generations, and now, there are countless of shrimp farm that cultivates this tiger shrimp, for the purpose of consumption. This tiger shrimp also get a lot of demand, and now the market value for this shrimp is really rising high.

Appearances, Weight, And The Market Value For Indonesia Giant Tiger Shrimp

The giant tiger shrimp had quite a large body for a crustacean. The size of female tiger shrimp can reach for up to 30 cm long, while for the male one, can reach at least 25 cm, slightly smaller than the female. The average weight for Indonesia giant tiger shrimp could reach for 170 gr or 6.0 oz. As for the appearances, the appearance of tiger shrimp can quite different. One had a black strip, one had a red stripe, and one had grey scales. The tiger shrimp commonly inhabit the offshore of Indopacific ocean, and this shrimp can also be found in Australia offshore, and the Gulf of Mexico.

The market value of this shrimp is pretty high. Due to the increasing demand, every year, now there are more than a million tons of giant tiger shrimp cultivated and consumed. Approximately, the money earned from all of these stocks on giant tiger shrimp is at least 350,000 million of dollars, well it sure is something. Want more info about this shrimp? then visit us in

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