Indonesian Provinces You Must Know

What city will you call out first when you hear about Indonesia? Well, you may mention something like Bali, Jakarta or Bandung. We cannot deny that those are most popular one in the country. How about West Papua, Riau or Maluku? You may not really know about those following regions that are also part of Indonesia. Well, Indonesia actually has 34 provinces with are scattered in five different islands including Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Papua, and Sulawesi. To learn more about this notion, let’s check this out!

West Papua As One Of New Provinces In Indonesia

As mentioned before there are over 30 provinces in this country. Most provinces in Java like West Java, Central Java, Jakarta and others are known to have the densest population among the other provinces. Then, those in Kalimantan and other islands are considered to be less populated even though it is not that vacant as before. Then, how about West Papua? Known previously as Papua, this province gets its new name in 2007 which makes it into a province that seems new because of the new that is given to the province. Similar to the previous province, the capital of this province is still Jayapura.

When it comes to this province, there are many interesting points that may attract as to come to this province for a visit. Nowadays, there is a lot of tourism destinations promoted in this province. Let’s say something like Raja Ampat. We can say that everyone knows how popular this destination is for tourist both local and aboard. Providing a great place to indulge ourselves, it is inevitable that everyone wants to join a trip to this region which offers a breathtaking view. In case you would like to know and study more about this province, update your info on

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