Install Android App Outside Of Play

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It is no secret that your Google Play Store offers you a wide choice of applications and games. However, you may not find some Android app in your Play Store even though you have tried your best to locate the app. It is because some apps may not available for your region or just being banned from Play Store so that you cannot download the app again. At this point, we need to find a way to install an app outside the Play Store. Then, what should we do at this point?

How To Install Android App On Google Play?

Fortunately, it is not impossible for us as Android user to install an app outside of the Google Play Store. It means that we can use a third party source when we would like a new app to be installed on our device. At this point, we can use an APK file to install Android app outside of Play Store. APK is like that exe file that we usually find in our Windows PC. Here, we do not install the app from Play Store. Instead, we download an APK file in the third-party website then download it manually by opening the APK file that has been completely downloaded on our device.

To install an APK file is not difficult. We just need to tap into the file then follow the instructions. At first, we may need to approve the agreement that the following app we will install is a third-party source or something. We just need to agree to continue the process. After that, the app will be installed automatically. You just have to wait for a moment until the installation is finished. In case you want to find an APK file to be installed, you can visit

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