The Intelligent Pomeranian Dog

Like dogs in general, Pomeranian dogs or pomsky dogs have a better level of intelligence compared to other types of dogs. It is influenced by the genes possessed by this dog that is different from other dog types, the difference with other types of dogs is in terms of texture it has. This dog ​​has a size of dog that can be said of small size when compared with other dogs. Not only in terms of texture and size alone, the thing that distinguishes pomsky from other dogs is that their immune systems are relatively weaker and more susceptible to disease. It still unknown for the cause, but it is probably due to the smaller body size and physical characteristics of other breeds so that the disease easily enters the body of pomsky if it is deficient in vitamins and lacks nutrients.

The Owner Should be Diligently Caring

Hopefully, you as a pomsky dog ​​owner who read this article is not like that, you need to pay attention to how you take care of the dog and of course within knowing how to care for the dog, whether effective or not. The effectiveness of these dog treatments depends on you, if you are diligently taking care of them regularly, then this will have a positive impact on your pomsky ​​and have a positive impact on yourself as well.

How did it happen? The first thing is there in the dog. Pomsky dog will be healthier and have a good body condition, so the development goes well. As the owner of the dog, you could have contracted the disease because your dog turned out to have infectious diseases. But it will not happen if you are the one who diligently takes care of your dog because it all depends on you. You could say pomsky does include an independent dog, but not self-sufficient in care, pomsky is only good in terms of mental and intellectual.

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