Let’s Use Tinder Without Facebook!

how to use tinder without facebookWhat are you thinking about Facebook? Indeed, it is one of the most popular social media in the world which is integrated with many applications including Tinder. For those who use Tinder may know that they cannot use it without using the Facebook account. However, is it possible to use tinder without Facebook? This question may in your mind, so here is the answer that you need. For those who want to use tinder without being afraid of people who look at your activity in Tinder. Then here are the ways that you can do to use this dating application without using the Facebook account.

Let’s Use Tinder Without Facebook Now!

You don’t need to worry anymore since there are some ways to use tinder without Facebook. The first one is you just need to change the setting of your Tinder in Facebook account. For the steps, itself are simple because you just need to locate Tinder and then change the visibility of it to be Only Me. It means that it’s that only you who can see all of the activities in Tinder. Now there is no one will know what you do there or even with whom you date. Of course, it’s going to be very useful especially for those who need privacy.

After that about another way is you just need to create a new account on Facebook. In this case, it’s a good idea when you create it without any or less information of you inside. Thus, there is no one will know that it’s you who use Tinder. If you have created the account of Facebook now you have a freedom to use Tinder. All of the privacy when you use this dating application won’t be known by other people. In summary, those are all the things about how to use tinder without Facebook. Hence which way you like the most?

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