Magic Thing From Banana

Magic Thing From Banana

Who does not know banana? Banana is one of the kind fruits which had affordable prices and delicious. Banana also can be mixed well with other ingredients. There are also many restaurants that make banana as their special main ingredients that will be cooked with other ingredients. Banana could change into the dishes that you cannot imagine before. There are so many dishes from banana that captivating everyone hearts such as fried banana, banana split, pancake banana, banana ice cream, and many other dishes made from banana. Banana itself had a sweet taste. If you are too lazy to cook your banana it is still delicious to eat banana itself without cooked or mixed with other ingredients. In Asia banana commonly found because banana’s tree is easily growth well in in Asia, Banana is such a main fruits that everyone could eat.

Benefit Eating Banana Everyday

Banana has many benefits for human if you are eating it routinely. There is some research from Japan that eat 3 pcs of banana each day will make you felt those benefits such as could lower your high blood pressure. Calcium inside banana helps your body to deduct the tense of your blood pressure.

Not only that banana also good for repair you bad digestion. People who routinely eat banana will have good digestion every day.

It’s also helping your body to produce more body immune so that it will help you to protect your body more. Banana also good for those people who is on a diet because this fruit contained more fiber so that you ate a banana you will hard get hungry. Because banana is rich in its iron, eating banana could help you in other to fight against anemia. It’s also good to make you happy because the magnesium inside banana will make your mood at the good level.

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