Shrinkage Besides Using Washing Machine

Many are asking, does rayon shrink? For you who have rayon material and want to try to shrink the material with the aim that the material is more comfortable to use and also durable then there are some ways or tips you can search on various internet sites. These ways are easy to understand and can also be done at home. Some of the ways that ever mentioned only require a washing machine that most people in this modern era have a lot to own. In addition to the use of washing machines, you can also use hot water that can help the process of shrinkage of these materials.

Using Tables To Stretch The Rayon

Does rayon shrink and following the steps such as the use of hot water and also the use of a washing machine, then the thing you need to do after you wash the rayon material with a washing machine is to place the material on a flat table. After you have finished washing the material with a washing machine you just need to put the material evenly on a flat table, then you wait for it to dry by itself, dry naturally. If you just want to try to slightly shrink rayon outfits, then this is probably the best way you can do, this way you can do if you want to be more careful and ensure that this material shrinks evenly.

For you, who does rayon shrink, after you soak and wash the rayon material, you can dry it by squeezing then hanging and allowed to dry naturally, with the help of wind and also sunlight. It would be better if you dry it in the sunny weather. Be careful when squeezing because it can make it wrinkle, so as not to wrinkle, then you should make it flat and stretched to elongate, use the existing table. Use the dryer, if you dry it with a dryer, then you can get a more significant, more visible shrinkage result.

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