Step By Step Processing Catfish

Although it looks easy, often the catfish that we fried by ourselves are less satisfying. It is probably the stomach is still soft or the aroma is rancid. Therefore, you may try to follow these steps. Frying fresh catfish is not the same as treating smoked dried catfish. Before frying catfish, make sure the catfish is clean properly, no blood left and really have been drained. Next, you can follow these steps.

The Proper Way In Processing Catfish

Processing fresh catfish is different from treating smoked catfish or fried catfish. This is because the smoked dried catfish has gone through various processes, so you just use it as a basic ingredient of cooking. There are several ways to process fresh catfish.

  1. Slashing the catfish

In order to spice up well, you need to cut both sides of the catfish. Do not be too deep because the catfish will taste dry and hard on the inside.

  1. Seasoning

You need to prepare spices for catfish. This seasoning can be customized to your taste. The most basic is the salt and lime so that the fishy smell in the catfish can be lost. Spread the catfish with seasoning until blended. Let stand for at least 30 minutes for the spices to sink in

  1. Deep Fried

Heat cooking oil in a frying pan. The amount of oil should be enough to soak the catfish. Heat over medium heat until quite hot. Put the marinade catfish into the pan and make sure the catfish is submerged in the seasoning. Let the entire body of the catfish to dry, including its head, then lift and drain. Because the entire catfish body submerged in oil so it is no need to be turned back and forth. Serve the catfish while warm to taste crunchier.

That’s how to process fresh catfish which is different from treating smoked dried catfish.

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