Tea, Healthy And Refreshing Beverage

Health careTea is one of the most famous beverages. This beverage is really popular among people, families or friends because it has refreshing sensation. Tea is really famous, that in some country, especially England, they have special tea time. In England, traditional British tea is served every day at 5 P.M in every Cafe. British drink tea as their relaxation after work, or during their break. They mostly drink tea with biscuits and sandwich as the tea time snack. Tea time has become British tradition. Not only in England, tea also become popular beverage worldwide. Tea variations become very wide, there are milk tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea and much more. But, is this beverage had any health benefits? Do we get healthier by drinking tea or the opposite? If you are wondering what health benefits we can get from tea, you can see it bellows.

What Are The Health Benefits We Can Get From Drinking Tea?

Are you wondering why tea has relaxing sensation? Well, the relaxing sensation comes from the chemical inside the tea leaf. It seems that this chemical can help brain and muscle to relax, smoothing your sense and help to boost mood. That’s why tea is the favorite beverage for relaxing and refreshing. Not only it has fancy relaxing taste, Tea has really high antioxidants, especially green tea. Antioxidants are a chemical that helps to repel any incoming disease and free radical, so by drinking tea, we will improve our body health and repel any disease. Antioxidants are also used to repel any cancer cell.

Tea is a brilliant beverage to bring for your break, relaxing time and dinner. Tea is also good beverage to have for your private leisure time. Nothing beats a warm tea on cold rainy days and accompanied by books. Besides, we will also get the great health benefits from tea, which is nice. That’s it the review about tea and the health benefits from it.

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