Things To Do While Rafting

Spend your holiday in Bali is not about beach and bar anymore. Why not try new adventure such as rafting? White water rafting Bali has been known for its popularity. Imagine paddling the boat while your adrenaline is rushing and suddenly you see many beautiful views such as pretty waterfalls, tropical forest, and dramatic canyon as you sailing in the river. Rafting is an interesting experience. If you want to raft in Bali, you can go to Ayung River since the place is perfect for first-timers. This is what you should do while rafting. Follow these rules to keep you safe!

Tips For White Water Rafting Bali

Be safe. We tell you, be safe. If you choose Ayung River as your rafting destination, there’s nothing to worry about since the river is safe for first-timer. However, some people may be panic. You need to feel safe and comfortable once you are in the boat. Wear protective equipment such as life jacket and helmet properly. Although you rafting in easy level, wear a helmet is a must, no matter what. After that sit in the comfortable place and pose. You are going to white water rafting Bali with other people. Make sure you feel comfortable and don’t be a nuisance to your group.

Since this is a water sport, you need to know the basic or proper swimming techniques. Whether you jump in or fall out, you need to swim. There are 2 swimming techniques for rafting. The first one is where you swim with your head up so you can see the surrounding. Bent your knees slightly to protect your body from the rock. The second techniques are similar to freestyle during swimming. You just swim to wherever you go while moving your feet and toes. Always remember these tips whenever you do white water rafting Bali.

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