Tillandsia Can Be Grown With Various Media

Do you know what is Tillandsia? This plant is different from other plants; water plant or tillandsia this does not require more attention to the treatment. Tillandsia care can be done easily and not troublesome. Planting can be done anywhere, for example, hanging in a glass container, planted by using the media on a stone, put in an artificial snail room, or can also be planted in a glass, you can create the look of this ornamental plant by utilizing various media planting. Let’s get to know this plant more closely, so you can add insight to this plant.

Know The Different Types Of Tillandsia

In addition to learning about doing tillandsia care, there are several types of tillandsia that you need to recognize, namely Tillandsia usneoides, this type of growth extends downward like a human hair, so sometimes called plants that have a beard. Usually used as a hanging plant. Then there is Tillandsia streptocarpa, its shape is a root and when it is old then every leaf will be elongated and curved. Tillandsia of this type is usually affixed to the wall. The other type is Tillandsia juncea, its shape looks like a hedgehog but it looks thinner, green and the tip of the leaves is not sharp. Then Tillandsia ionantha, originally from Mexico and shaped like a cyclic plant that has a very small size. Lastly is Tillandsia cacticola, its leaves are triangular and this plant originates from Peru, this plant is usually found in cactus trees. Seeing its shape, this tillandsia is like a plant without a stalk.

Way to do tillandsia care is to pay attention to the air circulation used to grow and develop. You may just put tillandsia in the jar, do not cover the top of the jar, leave it open for tillandsia to get oxygen. This plant needs a little water to grow. Tillandsia gets nutrients from capturing oxygen and water vapor in the air. Tillandsia needs warm sunlight as its growth. With proper care then this plant will be able to live for a very long time.

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