Tips On Maintaining Eye Health

Eye health often escapes the care of the community. Although its role as vision is important, so, it is your duty to maintain eye health and avoid the factors of eye disease such as minus eye or cataracts. Here are some tips for you.

Steps To Achieve Eye Health

The first thing you should do is check your eyes to the doctor to know the condition of your eye health. Because some people underestimate the symptoms of eye pain and consultation to the doctor when the disease is severe. Therefore, with regular doctor consultation, you will be able to detect early if there is a disorder that requires the doctor’s actions in treating eye health. Your doctor will also be given special tips that match your current health condition. Maintaining eye health should also be supported with proper nutrition. You are advised to consume vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin A and C, and fish that contain omega-3, which has a role to maintain eye health called macula. In contrast to omega-3s that maintain macular health, you are not encouraged to drink alcohol because it will interfere with the health of the macula. Your smoking habit should also be stopped because it will cause you to develop cataracts.

Looking at the gadget all day also become one of the factors that cause your eyes tired and can cause health problems to your eyes. So, set your gadget screen to not too bright.
You should also give your eyes a chance to rest, with enough sleep and less watch the gadget’s screen. For those of you who have to wear glasses or contact lenses because of myopia or farsightedness, then make sure your glasses and your contact lenses are always in a clean condition so as not to cause irritation to eyes, and you should also use the lens or contact lenses are continuous, uninterrupted because it can make the eye performance becomes harder and tired easily.

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