Tips For Taking Care Of Lenses

If you wear Sweety Spatax Gray as your contact lenses, it is very important to take care of them. If you have clean contact lenses, it will keep your eyes in good and healthy condition. The way you take care of your contact lenses will depend on what kind of lenses that you use. Since the Spatax series is just basic series from Sweety Plus brand, the treatment is not too much. There are basic tips to take care of your lenses. The tips can be applied to all types of contact lenses. You need to check your eyes to eye doctor once in a while just in case if your lenses are irritating your eyes slowly.

Basic Tips To Take Care Of Sweety Spatax Gray

Below are our best and basic tips to take care of your Sweety Spatax Gray. The tips are very easy but useful.

  1. Always use lens cleaning solution. Some people are very weird since they use water or saliva for their contact lenses. Yes, you heard me. They use water and sometimes saliva to clean their lenses. Yikes! Lens cleaning solution is very necessary when you wear contact lenses. The solution is made specifically to clean and disinfect your contact lenses. You just need lens cleaning solution and forget other things. If you think clean water is good enough to wash your lenses, then you are wrong. Even in the clean water, there is a chance that micro-organism is in there. It can cause infection to your eyes or the worst case is damage your sight!


  1. Don’t ever rinse your contact lenses with your mouth. Since they can infect the bacteria from your mouth. You should never expose your precious lenses to any kind of water except lens cleaning solution.

By doing these two basic tips, your Sweety Spatax Gray will be long-lasting.

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