Treating Scar Due To Post Surgery

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It becomes a common thing to find scar after people take surgery on their bodies. For some people, it is quite hard to make sure the scar is completely dry and well. For this reason, they decide to have personal care and treatment at the hospital with the nurse. But, when things go better, basically they can handle it by them at home. As long as the tools and the medicine are provided in sterile, they do not need to worry to take this matter. Besides more convenience, some people believe that by applying this suggestion, they will short the budget automatically.

How to Treat Scar Healthily

In general, the main thing that people should consider about treating scar at home is the need to keep the scar clean and health from bacterial attack. This tiny agent can cause irritation and inflammation in the very easy way. A similar impact can be found the side effect such as other infection that people might get fever no matter would that means. For this reason, people need to use sterile tools and take medicine to accommodate this need. As the result, after taking surgery, the surgeon usually prescribe both antibiotics and anti-inflammation to reduce this bad feeling.

On the other hand, people can treat the scar by themselves using sterile water at first. This material is needed to clean and wash the car from infection. If it is a little bit painful, they should wipe it gently and carefully. After that, they need to use an antibiotic cream to protect the scars from bacterial attacks. Then, they need to cover the scar with casa sterile too. As long as the scar is not completely healed and dry, they need to cover it to avoid direct contact with water that can cause more serious problems. If they apply these suggestions, the scar will be healed certain times after that.

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