Understanding Insulin Resistance Diet Plan

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For everyone with diabetes, there is some condition in which you will experience insulin resistance. When it happens to you, you should also limit your intake to some kinds of foods you consume on a daily basis. Actually, there are some things that will basically step up your game on a diabetes diet. Some people might think that limiting their food option will be really upsetting. But, the real problem will occur when you cannot control your appetite and your blood sugar increases. Therefore, you need to do this kind of diet to make sure you are in control of yourself. Are you curious?

Simple Diet Plan For Diabetes

The ones with diabetes will need to limit the carbohydrate intake. You should be aware of your bread consumption and also rice. Make sure you have your limit for a daily meal and you can replace carbs with other foods like proteins for making sure your body gets the energy for doing activities. You can also get carbs from legumes, whole grains, and vegetables. Talking about vegetables, you should also eat more fiber which is mostly found in vegetables and fruits. In this case, you can consume 50 grams of fiber a day to increase glycaemia.

Some people think that when you apply for your diet program, you should limit your intake of fat. Indeed, you should keep your body healthy and in shape. But, you can still consume fat from some different food options like avocado, eggs and also nuts. This will also keep your body healthy and your skin glowing. After all, a diabetic diet is actually about managing your eating portion. In this case, you can eat the food in small portions for 5 times a day instead of taking 3 meals in a day with big portion. So, you will keep your tummy satisfied and you can keep being energized.

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