Underwater Gold Mining By Exporting Tuna

Canned tuna has become one of the most popular foodstuffs for various circles of society. This is due to the ease of obtaining canned tuna products, ease in processing and serving foods made from canned tuna based ingredients, the delicious flavors of canned tuna products, and the nutritional content contained in canned tuna. These factors, of course, affect the demand and supply of canned tuna products themselves. The demand for canned tuna products continues to increase every day, but the longer, the stock of raw materials of production itself less and less. It is also felt by Indonesia as one of tuna exporter country. Indonesia gets a lot of demand for tuna products from abroad, and recently, Arab entrepreneurs began to look at tuna products from Indonesia.

Indonesian Canned Tuna Replaces Thai’s

Indonesia began intensively exporting fishery products, particularly canned tuna products, to Saudi Arabia recently. Last reported that Saudi Arabia imported canned tuna products from Indonesia worth IDR 5 billion (USD 385000). This, of course, opens opportunities for Indonesia to expand their tuna market to the Middle East region. Moreover, the company importing the tuna has established much trade cooperation with other Middle East countries such as Kuwait, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates. The popularity of tuna is increasing in Saudi Arabia due to a campaign about healthy lifestyles by some local supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The sales of canned tuna products spontaneously shifted the dominance of Thailand which previously controlled the Saudi Arabian market. The Saudi Arabian businessman stopped supplies from Thailand and diverted imports of canned tuna to Indonesia. It is not reported why Saudi Arabia switched from Thailand to Indonesia to meet the demand for canned tuna in their markets, but this is clearly a good opportunity for Indonesia to expand their tuna exports to the Middle East region. Of course, Indonesia’s tuna canned products are of high quality, so Saudi Arabia dares to divert their request to Indonesia. If you are also interested to import canned tuna from Indonesia, you can visit

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