What Is Skipjack Tuna?

For those who don’t know, skipjack tuna is a kind of sea fish, that is increase predatory fish, often traveling in groups, and prey on smaller fish. Skipjack tuna fish are traveling in a group of more than hundreds fish. Fishermen usually haul up a lot of skipjack tuna in one fishing trip. The skipjack tuna becoming one of the best export commodity for a marine country like Indonesia, Japan, Philippine, and also Thailand. The fresh skipjack tuna has makes market value, and also huge culinary uses in many dishes. Skipjack tuna have delicate meat, not too chewy, yet very delicious to eat. Not to mention the huge nutrition skipjack tuna had. That’s is why now the skipjack tuna are becoming quite popular, and also have a has demanded from the market. The skipjack tuna has big market value, due to the increasing demand for fresh and frozen skipjack tuna every year.

Why Skipjack Tuna Fish Becoming Popular, And Have Lot Of Market Demand?

Every year, a marine country such as Indonesia and Japan are fished millions of kilograms of skipjack tuna, or maybe tons. Due to the increasing demand for skipjack tuna, the marine country now competing for the best skipjack tuna supplier, and the freshest skipjack tuna they can supply. Skipjack tuna fish now becoming much more popular, the market value is now sky high, and because of that, the price for skipjack tuna now becoming huge too. Not only the fresh skipjack tuna but the frozen and canned skipjack tuna is also becoming pretty expensive.

Seafood restaurant and Japan restaurant use skipjack tuna a lot. Japan dishes requires skipjack tuna as their main components, not for the meat, but for the broth instead. The Japan the dishes usually use skipjack tuna broth rather than beef or chicken broth like western culinary. Skipjack tuna fish offers wide and various use for culinary, and the market value of them are now increasing steadily.

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