Will The Prime Bumblebee And Prime Optimus Bodies Unite In The 5-Complete Transformer Watch?

regarder transformer the last knightMany are wondering why Optimus Prime fights with his own companions in Autobots. Judging from the trailer regarder transformer the last knight complet in circulation, there is shown that Optimus Prime turned into a robot that evil. Then with the change of Optimus nature that becomes evil because the creator who has made it evil, we can see the eyes of the Optimus Prime that turn into a blue that signifies that he became evil. Because of this, many netizens wondered whether the body of the Optimus Prime and Bumblebee would unite, this united statement in the sense that there would be one of them destroyed, the Optimus Prime or the Bumblebee destroyed. There are several theories that discuss this possibility. But not yet is known for certain whether this is true or not.

The Future Of Bumblebee In Watch Transformer 5 Complete

From some series regarder transformer the last knight complet, Bumblebee is described as a lovable robot. But in this 5-series transformer, the bumblebee is in a dangerous condition. Even from the previous movie bumblebee cannot beat Prime Optimus, but on the 5th transformer, it appears that Optimus Prime has stood above the bumblebee which indicates that the Prime Optimus has beaten the bumblebee. From the film released by Michael Bay, it is not known whether what will happen to the next Bumblebee after he is defeated by Optimus Prime, whether it will be destroyed for good or not.

But the next movie regarder transformer the last knight complet movie released and directed by Travis Knight and the script written by Christina Hodson, Bumblebee will be a serial spin-off in a franchise transformer. From the various the stories that some parts of the body bumblebee will compose the body of Optimus Prime or Optimus that will be destroyed. Very confusing is not it? But you should know, some speculation can be considered true because there will be a new movie series that will release with a different director about the bumblebee.

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