Zamhari: What You Get From Praying?

ZamhariWhile you are taking the religion in your life, you should ensure that you have chosen the best religion as what you have believed. In this case, you can take every religion you believe it including you can follow Islam. Islam taught us to get praying five times a day. It taught us to always remember Allah in every time and everywhere we go. We should not forget of Allah. Based on Zamhari, praying is one of the ways for us to always remember and respect to our creator to always thank and ask forgiveness toward our mistakes.

Zamhari: Things You Can Get From Praying

While you are following Islam as your religion, you should know that there are many good things you can get from praying five times a day. First of all, if you pray five times a day and you don’t miss them once, you can feel closer to Allah. If you are closer to Allah, he will give anything the best for you. You should note that every time Allah gives you something, there is always a reason behind it, so trust it that he gives the best for you, said Zamhari.

Second, if you do praying five times a day, it means you are saying thank you to Allah to give anything you get in your life. You feel so lucky in your life because you get anything you need which can lead you to appreciate life more. It can make you share the happiness with the one who needs it most. You can be very thankful there are many people who need more your hands outside there. Third, you also can know exactly what you can live alone because you are the sociable person. You need someone else to help you and also you can give your hands to them who needs, as what this Zamhari said.

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